Saturday, January 8, 2022

Big News / Many big schools and colleges in Gujarat took this big decision voluntarily

 Big News / Many big schools and colleges in Gujarat took this big decision voluntarily

In Gujarat, school-college administrators voluntarily stopped teaching in schools. The decision was taken as part of increasing vigilance in Koro transition. A flurry in the educational world with the increasing transition School-colleges voluntarily stopped teaching Decisions were made for offline education of schools

Corona's growing transition is now also infecting a large class of students. The great question is how to protect students from corona. Vaccination for students has also started in the state .. but on the other hand schools are also running offline .. The effect of increasing transition is now being seen in schools also. Some schools have even started making their own offline education decisions. So what is the state of increasing transition in schools.

Corona transmission in the state is increasing at a rate of 5 times. And students are no longer excluded from this transition as the number of cases of students and teachers being infected in a large number of schools is increasing. Due to which the concern of parents as well as educational institutions has increased ... On the other hand, the government does not seem to have any intention to stop offline education in the state at present. Parents and education unions are now demanding closure of schools and colleges in Teva for 2 months now. Demand to start online education once again.

Importantly, the government is not currently taking any decision regarding offline education. But on the other hand, only the schools have become alert against the growing transition .. Speaking of some schools in the state .. The administrators of Udgam, Zebar and Sayona schools in Ahmedabad have decided to stop offline education at present. And parents have been told that the class will be run online until Corona's condition returns to normal. On the other hand, after Veer Narmad South Gujarat University in Vadodara, 10 more people were coronated after the call.

At present, only schools have started making decisions. This is because the future of the students cannot be deliberately tampered with. But at present only a few schools are taking the decision to stop offline education. This can lead to increased coronary heart disease in students. Hopefully, the government will take appropriate decision on the issue of schools till the growing transition is under control keeping in view the future health of Gujarat.

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