Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Watch ads and earn money in india without investment

Whether it is social media, TV, websites, or any other programme, ads are just about throughout. While most public despise watching ads, did you notice you can watch ads and earn money in India

Yes. You get that right. Today, some money-making apps and websites let you receive money by watch ads or level videos. Some level offer other ways to get cash by taking reward online view, redeeming coupons, and over tasks.

It’s not good of an investment as you can get reward to watch ads in the time of  your lunch break or free time. More way to earn money is by watching videos. You can directly let the videos run in the setting while you go about do your regular tasks.

Most of these money-making apps are obtainable on the Google Play Store as well on the App Store.  While most of the apps are free to download and set up, a select few are toward.

How to sign-up for the apps?

Maintain the steps;

Step1. Install the app from the Play or App Store.

Step 2.Register additionally through Google, Facebook, or other platforms as cause.

Step 3. Update your profile by the in-app combine. This step may be optional in some apps.

Here is the menu of apps you can watch ads and make money in India.

  1. CashBuddy
  2. Google Opinion Rewards
  3. Roz Dhan
  4. UserFeel
  5. Loco
  6. mCent
  7. Dream 11
  8. Swagbucks


CashBuddy is a individual  money-making app in India as it support you earn from a difference of tasks. Some of the mission can be as simple as watching a publicity YouTube video of a demanding by product. Also, it provide a user guide scheme confirm guaranteed rewards.

These rewards generally  decline in the range of Rs. 50. The ads are credit  to your Paytm Wallet that can be redeemed later. CashBuddy is obtainable on Android.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a easy app that helps you earn by join user-create data. Google give casual view that are planted on search popularity and public interest.

Commonly , you will obtain about one view a week, so your earnings are perfect planed on what you make from that survey. The money you earn will be credit to your wallet as Google Play credit. You can redeem the credit on the Play Store on reward apps.

Directly put, it is a grand  app for learner and since it is a Google offering, it is matched for Android use.

Roz Dhan

As the name recommend , the app offers daily money. You can start earning by directly signing up for the app. Roz Dhan uses codes related to coupons to contract rewards.

The app apply Paytm Wallet to credit your earnings. Put directly , Roz Dhan app offers a impeccable experience that you can find on Android.


UserFeel lets you earn and at the same time be highly rich. The app lets you help website owners check out their site’s force in terms of UI/UX. You can earn 10 dollars for every site you rate successfully. The payment is mostly by PayPal.


Loco is obtainable on the Play and App Store and it allows you to earn money planed on the number of quiz questions you get right. The best part about the app is that it is obtainable in Bengali and Marathi as well. But, the quiz are timed and you get only limited aim in a day to prevent exploitation.


This app helps users to earn rewards for simple guide tasks. It task on Android as well as iOS.mCent also permit you to earn free mobile recharges between a separate set of tasks. You earn money by using related links or downloading fixed apps. The money is credit to your Paytm account.

Also, you can earn money via mCent by invitation your friends to the app.

Dream 11

This imagination cricket app is get discharge demand in lately times. You can sign up for free and relate  your friends to earn money. Dream 11 is obtainable on Android and iOS. If you try your hand, you can even play the game to won big. Sure, it need some planning and achievement , but it is possible. 


Members using Swagbucks can earn everyday. Users must to play games, complete quizzes, fill surveys, browse by the internet, read the current  updates and news, watch marketing videos and ads, open other websites, and do lots of enjoyable item to earn exceptionally

The app does not task the cash rewards personally ; choice, it rewards you with Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Flipkart, and PayPal vouchers.

It is problem-free to earn money with this user-friendly app. You just must to install  this app on your device and log in everyday to earn Swag points on every single  activity. Do not forget to invite your friends to earn more (10% lifetime commission); yes, that’s true! You will be able to appeal a cash out via PayPal once you reach 750 Swag points and redeem the amount.

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