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How to claim car accident insurance without lawyer in india


How To Claim Car Insurance After an Accident?

Despite animation a useful driver, you could be difficult in an accident and the solution can be very trying at times. When you are hard in an accident, you need to conform accepted steps to ensure all are safe, follow the law and initiate the insurance claim process. Your quick activity is to tell your insurance company and observe the method correctly to declare car insurance after an accident. running with your insurer later an accident is major to get your claim fix correctly.

How to declare Car Insurance After an Accident in India?

The traffic substance in India can be very big owed to the sheer digit of vehicles. While you may drive carefully and ensure you observe traffic direction, there may be certain mishaps. The action to raise a claim for car insurance later an accident has develop over the years. Technology and digitizing of many settlement have construct it clear to observe clear procedures. Scan on to get what tread you must to grab later an accident in India.

An insurance declare is an officer demand that a policyholder makes to the insurance company for the repayment of the damage incurred by them. The recompense is  condition as per the coverage promise to the borrower by the insurance company under the insurance agreement.


An insurance declare can be shape in 2 plan - in a cashless manner and in a reimbursement manner. In type of car insurance, when a policyholder gets their car recondition at a partner garage of the insurance company, then the claim is settled in a cashless manner as the insurance company requital quickly for the obtain renovate expenses to the garage.

Anyway, if the underwriter gets their car repaired at a garage which is not a section of the insurance company's request, then the policyholder needs to make the payment of the repair charge itself to the garage and the same is later repay to the policyholder by the insurance provider, subject to the sum insured.

Car Insurance declare policy - Driving a car on the road lets you travel afar, but it need the driver to be responsible. Despite being careful mistake can happen at any point in time on the road. It can be an accident, theft, fire, or any other unlucky episode. To claim all the comfort of an insurance company, you need to touch your insurance agent or company directly.

6 Easy tread For Making Car Insurance declare After an Accident

Step 1: Advise The Insurance Company. ...

Step 2: Lodge An FIR In The nearby Police Station. ...

Step 3: Take Photographs As Valid Proof. ...

Step 4: Present All The Documents To The Insurer. ...

Step 5: Implore The Insurance Company To Send A Surveyor. ...

Step 6: Car Repairs.


Motor insurance proceed as a much-needed interval in the event of an accident that may create damage to your vehicle. Insurance submit help pay for the recondition of the vehicle and other financial problem obtain. While you can opt for the payment declare activity, select penurious demand pressure is an absolute convenience.

The car insurance policy  are normally choice of different insurers which plays a vital role in choosing the most suitable plan for your car. It helps underwriter to balance different planted on their condition and statement to finalise the most ideal car insurance cover for them.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a contract between a car owner and a general insurance company wherein the latter promises to protect the car owner from financial losses which may occur due to an unfortunate event involving his/her car. Depending on the scope of coverage, there are 3 types of car insurance policies - Third-Party Car Insurance, Standalone Own-Damage (OD) Car Insurance, and Comprehensive Car Insurance. To resume to use the interest of these policies, the car insurance resumption should be fixed on time by policyholders.

Documents need To Make a Car Insurance Claim:

  1. Copy of your car insurance policy.
  2. The First Information Report (FIR) from the police.
  3. Copy of the driver’s driving licence.
  4. Duly filled and signed claim form.
  5. Original repair bill, cash receipts, etc.
  6. Copy of your car’s Registration Certificate (RC).
  7. Medical receipts in case of physical injuries.


Steps to follow-

  1. Gain the insurance feature of the vehicle that has create damage to your car and favourite the insurer of that vehicle about the incident.
  2. Detail the episode to your insurance company with quick result. Ensure to guide your insurer about the accident within the stipulated time frame.
  3. Upcoming, give a third-party declare request with your insurer. If you are the loss, you need to make the request for a third-party declare opposed the vehicle owner. In an example where injury, death, or property damage has been made by your vehicle to a third-party, the application has to be made with your insurance company.
  4. Tell the police by call the police helpline number and file a First Information Report (FIR). Assure to introduce the following detail in the FIR:
  5. Recording number of the car include in the accident
  6. License number of the driver
  7. Name and contact particular of observer, if there are any
  8. Once done, you need to folder a instance to the Motor Accident demand court having jurisdiction over the area where the accident took place or with the tribunal with jurisdiction over the region where you (the applicant) and the third-party (the respondent) resides or carries business.
  9. Own damage declare: You can folder an own damage assert in case of any loss or damage caused to your insured car due to an accident. Your insurer for pay for the medical amount and repair costs obtain due to the accident. However, you will have to confirm the damage or loss resulted from the accident. You will be allow for this declare only if you have a complete policy.

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